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Expert’s Choice: 25 Best Planar Magnetic Headphones in 2022

  May 21, 2022 8:25 AM

Planar magnetic headphones and their advantages are familiar with the audiophile community, but not very much by the standard observer. Planar headphones can take somewhere from active driver headphones and electrostatic headphones

They might utilize the ultra-quick moving and very slim diaphragm set from double magnets. This proves you might step over a lot of restraints imposed by old active driver headphones. When it comes to cutting-edge tech, planar headphones even bring their benefits and drawbacks; it is based on you to determine which of those headphones best suits your demands. 

Other elements such as cost, tuning hobby, and usage backgrounds are distinctive for everybody. We just might not offer one clear winner, but there are more fabulous choices you might realize below. As usually seem exciting to text a message through the comment box if you need a lot of opinions on particular installations or our perspectives of headphones not attached in 2022. We check and review a wide range of headphones and are delighted to share our perspectives. At this moment, let’s make it as easy as possible. 

We are certain that you are there since you understand what you need and are available to purchase. With the availability of this cutting-edge tech increased in popularity through many years, we currently find ourselves ruined for option. The need for planars has developed considerably, and corporations have referred to some wonderful modern versions for budgets. It is our rundown of the ideal planar magnetic headphones at this moment in no specific order. 

If you are hunting more audiophile headphone suggestions like an active driver, and electrostatic headphones; please scan all around our big list of the best planar magnetic headphones. 

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Buying guide

Items to focus on

An overview of the best planar magnetic headphones can not be precise and clear without an initial understanding of what various types of headphones are. Other conventional headphones, often involved as dynamic headphones, are equipped with more drivers which utilize similar working rules such as gigantic speakers and convey energy through electric current. 

Besides, planar headphones, however, take advantage of magnetic energy to transfer vibrations. You could observe no physical distinction from planar magnetic headphones to the old stereo ones except that planar headphones get bigger cups which is an element of the dimension of the diaphragm in every cup. 

1. What do you know about the best planar magnetic headphones?

As for hyper-active headphones, the sound is made when is called the diaphragm vibrates due to the electric current. Next, planar headphones, in the other words, convey a lot of strong vibrations using magnetic energy. They even get particularly slim diaphragms compared to active headsets. When influenced by energy, the slim nature of diaphragms makes them move quickly and evenly, thereby generating super distinct or stable sound. 

On top of it, planar magnetic tech has usually been available but was not employed in generating headphones till super recently. At this time, planar magnetic headphones are becoming all the rage. They are known for conveying pure and precise sound which is devoid of poor variations. As the diaphragms in those headphones are slimy; they convey quicker, and thus respond super rapidly to sound indicators. 

2. Who wants to possess the best planar magnetic headphones?

If you enjoy listening to tune to the point in which you need sound conveyed to you with the ideal quality there is, then you might grab the best planar magnetic headphone! Anybody might, and each of us could obtain the suitable planar headphone to love the influence of music better. Even though other headphones can be made to be quite compatible for particular activities; the compatibility attribute is often not a feature of whether the headphones are planar or not. Like compatibility attributes are often with the structure, connection, and so forth. 

On top of it, a musician, and critics get greater ears for music; they particularly need to collect headphones that promise them quite an excellent sound quality than what they have usually got. However, you might expect something greater than what you have often got, couldn’t you?

It can not matter who you are or what you make: so long as you enjoy taking advantage of headphones; you might lay your hand on the planar magnetic headphone as well. 

3. The reasons why are the planar magnetic headphones greater than the others?

Planar magnetic headphones can not be at the pyramid’s peak when it discusses the headphones, but they are super close to the top. Compared to the frequent headphones at this moment which use the active driver system; they might stand out at all. Based on the way the system operates, planar headphones choose sound indicators quicker and make for little or without variations. Except if the music itself is poor; the audio can move out smooth often. 

Hope for a super leading bass response during taking the ideal planar headphones. The variations’ absence even makes sound natural, there are no puffs and muffled intonations which are unique for conventional headphones. The most useful solution to realize the distinction with planar magnetic headphones is to choose one and realistically compare the audio quality conveyed by an old stereo headset. 

Attributes to specialize in before purchasing the best planar magnetic headphones

Before you purchase headphones; there are particular elements you might keep alert of and particular attributes you search for. The attributes to look out for rely on your reason for purchasing the ideal headphone as well. 

For instance, you might choose headphones for playing the game, or you should collect one for using audio inside the studio. In addition to that, you might want the perfect headphones just to serve your enjoyment for the tune and expect one which can be suited for home or office usage. 

Besides, you should be careful with your headphones which make a fashion perspective and willing to move with looking ones. Below, we have discussed the most crucial attributes you might look out for in headphones. Other planar headphones often get those attributes. However, they particularly turn out to be pronounced with particular versions, that is why understanding what you need the headset for might assist you in determining how considerable every attribute is. 

1. Connectivity format

Other planar magnetic headphones at this time are wired. For instance, the HIFIMAN Deva make for wired and Bluetooth connection. To avoid clumsiness, particularly if you might be conveying nearby during taking your headphones; you might take into consideration headphones that make a wireless connection. 

Other headphones even permit wireless combining with particular gadgets like Siri. The Audeze ISINE 10 can provide you with that attribute as it might be utilized to connect to Siri gadgets. If you want to take the headphones for the studio, or while playing the game; the wired headphone can operate better. Other headphones we checked are wired which has not hindered their performance in some ways. 

2. Accessories

In reality, the perfect headphones are equipped with specific accessories like jack cables, Bluetooth connecting gadgets, and chargers. Thus, you might search for vital items in accessories like connection port kind, cable length, and power. 

Next, the initial damage to the headset is extracted from the cord. While you might simply take a substitution, be certain to test the cable’s fragility before making your decision. 

3. Sound suppression

The sound suppression or sound-isolating attribute of planar headphones is often identified by whether they are close or open back. The way the cups close over the ear might even influence how outdoor sound leaks in. 

A lot of individuals enjoy the initiative of shutting out sound during hearing the tune. However, others want to stick with their headphones open back to offer that pure center stage feeling. In particular, closed-back headphones are greater for external targets to avoid a lot of noise interruptions. In the other words, the open back headphone might make you love the music beauty while you are in an enclosed environment like your studio. 

Other headphones like Fostex are semi-open or put you with the bridge attribute from choices. 

4. Quality of sound

The quality of sound is up to the myriad of various elements. Those contain frequency response and impedance. Other producing plants offer the information of their headphones for those attributes though they might debut super technical to the layman. It can be vital for hearing the headphones initially before purchasing them. Think you are purchasing online and do not get the pre-test choice. In this circumstance, you might get the initiative of the sound quality by testing client feedback and various ultimate reviews available for the version. 

The typical headphones we have checked might get leading sound quality for their price range. The fact is without double various headphones might seem similar so that you can face a mild decline or enhancement with audio quality during taking the headphones for the initial moment. After regular usage, your ears might be acquainted with the headphones which you no longer realize the subtle distinctions from traditional ones you have taken. 

5. Bass

The bass’ feel is super crucial with the song and the music beauty is lost during the bass quality is bad. In the other words, the planar magnetic headphones are specifically known to offer more high-quality bass than headphones with active drivers. 

Other planar headphones have stuck the additional mile to enhance the bass quality their headset offers. For instance, the Audeze LCD brings the leading bass response among the headphones we have checked. The Fostex T50RP even makes a leading bass quality. 

However, you might be cautious during purchasing the proper headphones since others are manufactured with overly dominating highs, and the full beauty of the song is disappeared. 

6. Highs and mids

 Just as harmony is basic for music, your headphone might be capable of improving the mids’ quality and highs in music. Unluckily, other headphones with trebles might turn out to sound very noisy. If you might test the sound quality of the best planar magnetic headphones before purchasing; you might look out for them and prevent them. 

7. Long-lasting usage

You need your headphones to last longer so that you get to move with high quality. Based on our assessments, planar magnetic headphones are long-lasting than active headphones. It is not usually about the drivers, though, as there are various components that make up the new headset. 

Before purchasing the best planar magnetic headphones, you might test the material utilized for the headband. Next, you should test the hinges and even ports. As discussed previously, test the cables’ quality and various accessories as well. 

Next, metal headbands are hoped to endure longer than people produced from plastic. According to the plastic used, other headbands are prone to slacking quicker. You might not be capable of identifying those at the point of purchasing, but old clients’ feedback provided for the similar version might offer you all you want to understand relating to long-lasting usage. 

There are particular attributes that are both absent and present with headphones, like the microphone and Bluetooth connectivity. If you have to get the attributes of the headphone; usually keep in mind to look out for them before purchasing. You might even stick with headphones that offer the choice of utilizing or not utilizing the attribute. For instance, Audeze LCD equips with microphones, but they are quite detachable. Besides, other headphones make for wired and Bluetooth connectivities. 

Different attributes you might look out for when purchasing the ideal headphones are form attribute, open-ear attribute, and price. 



1. Are magnetic headphones convenient and safe to use?

Magnetic planar headphones convey sound via magnetic conduction with the driver. While other individuals show worries about whether conductions can get adverse impacts on clients, no intensive survey has proved it. 

However, as claimed previously, taking headphones for long, whether they are magnetic or not; might lead to bad influences on the brain as magnetic headphones could convey leading volumes than conventional headphones. Next, they can result in a lot of potential risk of listening loss and various auditory issues when used particularly and at high volumes. 

2. Are planar headphones worth getting it?

Sure, planar headphones are certainly worth getting if you get the money needed for splurging on them. When it comes to clients which might not expect to take a lot of cans, active driver headphones might be as great. 

3. Do planar magnetic headphones want “burn-in”?

The entire idea of “burn-in” brings without scientific backing as such and is considered as a myth. Thus, it is not vital for clients to get the burn-in moment of their planar magnetic headphones for obtaining the greater sound moment. 

4. Do planar magnetic headphones use longer?

Other planar magnetic headphones are pricey because of the additional concentration provided to make them strong and long-lasting to keep the planar drivers stable. Oppo and Monolith headphones are some of the most long-lasting planar ones out here. 

5. Could you show me the tips for taking care of planar magnetic headphones?

While a lot of us can be tricky to function headphone spoilage to the durability’s absence, the substantial ratio of damages might be prevented by getting appropriate care of headphones. To avoid your headphones from being susceptible to ruining or entire damage; you might take advantage of more hints below

- Often keep the headset in the case when not in use. 

- Prevent sleeping with the headphones, since the weight you put on one of the cups might lead to damage. Next, you have to rest the ears with headphones during your sleep can even lead to discomfort to your outdoor ear. 

- If the headphones are wired, usually unplug them as well. Highlight that you might not pull directly with the cable, but from the plug that is the connection point. 

- You should not leave cables that might not be detached hanging. Next, wrap them near the headphones or your neck to avoid tugging. 

6. Do Planars sound greater?

In brief, headphones with planar magnetic transducers regularly seem tighter and get great extension abilities with less distortion for bass than active drivers. 

7. Are planar magnetic headphones better than dynamic headphones?

The planar magnetic drivers get a quicker and uniform motion than the dynamic that particularly makes a quicker transient interaction, and possess various sorts of a physical slam than the dynamic drivers. Last but not least, the design is even less prone to harmonic distortion.      

Wrapping It Up

We might love to go to this purchasing guide by boosting again the belief that the best planar magnetic headphones could certainly be a greater option than active driver headphones for leading fidelity sound experience. 

From our perspective, it is greater you select the correct set of headphones for your own. Remember the crucial elements which we discussed above before moving to the combination of headphones. If you need our help or share your experience with us; please DROP us more comments in the feedback section below. Thank you so much!