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Best 26 12 Inch Subwoofer in 2022

  May 19, 2022 9:12 PM

A leading subwoofer might alter your whole hearing experience, regarding whether you are taking it with the home cinema system, or with the speakers, you can use to listen to the tune. With a big wide range of dimensions available – from 8-inch versions to 15-inch versions – you can find yourself with a host of choices. 

A lot of individuals can stick with the best 12-inch subwoofer when they need the subwoofer with their vehicle, or for a big room around their lovely house. But also within the range of 12-inch subwoofers, there are a lot of various choices to select. To assist you in selecting your choices, and getting the ideal one for your demands; we have gone with other common types and the perfect 12-inch subwoofers for them.     

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Buying Guides

Useful hints for selecting the suitable 12-inch subwoofer

According to our view, you have driven via the ideal 12-inch subwoofers available on the market, but how are you considered to make your determination when it discusses selecting from such perfect subwoofers?

There are a lot of assessments that should be contained with your evaluation of the subwoofer before you buy one. To make it simpler for you to choose one, we have shown the key elements which should be provided more opinion before you buy the subwoofer for usage around your lovely house or outdoor. Keep scanning to discover more all you want to grab.

1. Subwoofer area

One of the most popular tips extracted by individuals during installing subwoofers for their lovely homes is making the sub towards the wall, so it could seem louder than it might if it was put in the frequent installation. If you make it in the corner, the volume might be boosted even further. However, neither of those positions might provide you with the ideal bass response. 

If great bass is what you are hunting, you want to stand around the spot that you might be occupying most regularly – your hearing spot – and go with the subwoofer nearby. Or you might put the unit in a single spot, and stick with the room since you highlight the bass quality that might alter considerably with each foot. 

2. Subwoofer’s watts

Powered subwoofers equip with integrated amplification, so you might not buy one independently to control it. In the other words, the wattage is a crucial consideration when you are seeking out strong subs. 

While there is no particular answer for what the perfect wattage or power is; the specific principle is that the greater the amp’s wattage; the more power and influence your bass might offer. 

However, this can not prove that you might roll out the budget very excessively just to take a lot of wattages. The subwoofer’s power or RMS rating is what you want to glance at quickly. You might even realize the “peak power” ratio with the product, but it does not get a lot of roles to play for better performance. 

3. Budget 

First of all, your budget is the initial key consideration during it discusses buying subwoofers. While other individuals might not need to take a lot of bucks and are fine with the normal bass quality which is offered by the affordable, below $100 subwoofers; there are others who offer a wide range of cruciality to the power output and bass quality which is kept by the more pricey products. 

On top of it, other more pricey 12-inch subwoofers might make you back by more than 1000 dollars, which proves that it might be a huge investment on the client’s part. You might take a leading quality sub until 600 dollars price range, which could be seen as a rob for bass keeners. 

4. Equalization

The next attribute which you might find out while evaluating subwoofers is room equalization processing. In the other words, playing various test tones via the subwoofer, and speaker so that the equalizer setting particular to the general room might be established. This makes for the peaks’ minimizing during it discusses the frequency response that proves you might be capable of preventing over-accentuated notes. 

However, you have to remember that this attribute might not be capable of filling some gaps which are happening due to the room acoustics, as it is out of the ambit of the subwoofer. This attribute might even not be capable of making up for a bad quality subwoofer that is low on power. 

5. Ported and sealed subwoofers

There are double key kinds of subwoofers available for buying when it talks about the differences based on the enclosures which they are put in – ported and sealed. The first of them is known as sealed subwoofers or acoustic suspension in which the air might not move out or in the box. On the other hand, it gets them to be faster, and more responsive with the resulting bass being super precise. 

In the other words, ported subwoofers or bass reflex enclosures get the air vent attached inside the subwoofer itself. This makes for greater low bass output reinforcement. While there is no standard response to what is a greater choice of the double, ported ones offer you a strong bass, but are bigger than the sealed choices which can be a drawback. 

6. Wireless connection

When you suppose about attaching the best 12-inch subwoofer to your lovely house cinema system, or speaker; it often relates to dragging out the long wire which wants to be plugged inside the system. There are other choices that make you connect wirelessly the subwoofers to various sources and manage them via the application or remote. 

While it is the wireless connectivity’s age; a big number of subwoofers have even not moved above the wireless bandwagon. However, this might not prove that most of them should not be enhanced if you buy some independent device to activate its wireless attributes. Remember that the wireless subwoofer or one which might be enhanced for wireless usage can take you more than an easy wired model. 

7. More Bass Vs Good bass

The key decision you want to glance at a lot of attributes provided by the various subwoofers is whether you are available to compromise on obtaining leading quality bass for bass together. Those are double various items. More bass might not prove the excellent bass. Besides, these cars which you listen to thumping out loud sounds are perhaps sticking with bass, but low bass. In the other words, excellent bass might make you enjoy the music or the movie without rushing you nearby to look for a cover. While there are even individuals who find out about the bass, great bass might be the outstanding target which you are looking to get the perfect subwoofers. 



1. Is the shallow mount subwoofer a great initiative for the car subwoofer audio system?

If the shallow mount subwoofer might be an outstanding fit for the car subwoofer audio system is up to other things. If the sound quality is distortion-free. Besides, you have to care about how much power might you offer for enough bass quality. Perhaps, the lower RMS power and low frequencies sub could deal with or convey a greater hearing experience. The shallow mount sub is built to suit tight spaces like below the seat. Usually, test the mounting depth before buying at the cost range. Have a glance at the ideal shallow mount subwoofer list for more. 

2. How much power is suited for a fabulous system?

It is up to mostly on the space available. When it comes to the tiny car, you might take the leading sound with medium power and foam surround. The leading power is expected by huge cars. To obtain the fabulous sound quality you want the 12-inch sub for leading sound quality and great bass response. The ported or sealed enclosure might offer you a louder bass sound, but for ideal reproduction move with a power output of a minimum of 100 Watts RMS. The low RMS power handling might lead to less sound. Ported enclosures can offer you more bass for an affordable price. Peak power handling capacity is even crucial since it offers you a great initiative of loudest sound, but it is even vital for power handling. 

3. Is the most pricey 12-inch subwoofer the perfect 12-inch sub?

The ideal 12-inch subwoofer is not usually the most pricey. However, the quality sound extracts from quality subwoofers, for ideal reproduction you want the 12-inch sub with leading power handling abilities, great woofer cone material, or injection molded polypropylene aluminum basket. 

Your ideal bet at an affordable cost is the MTX audio terminator series. In the other words, MTX provides a leading quality subwoofer for a good deal. The design is easy, and elegant. It even generates a super clear sound and tight bass. 

4. Which is a better option – the 12-inch subwoofer or 10-inch subwoofer?

The 12-inch subwoofer offers a lot of power for a louder bass sound. If you get a lot of space, and a great budget you might purchase the 12-inch subwoofer you could manage. If you get the tinier budget, have a glance at the ideal 10-inch subwoofers. 

5. Why is RMS power rating necessary?

The answer is the continuous amount of power to be altered into sound. 

6. Why is the excellent car stereo system crucial?

The car stereo system has some parts such as an equalizer, and amplifier. For that reason, we usually suggest purchasing devices of one specific brand since they are built for operating best together. The more power your vehicle stereo system brings the louder your sub might be. 

7. Are double voice coil subwoofers greater than single voice coil ones?

As the double voice coils might be less warm than the single voice coil one you might boost up power without reducing the woofers’ lifespan. Next, they even generate a cleaner sound and deal with a lot of power. 

Besides, you might connect double subs with your vehicle audio system with a single amplifier channel, just keep in mind that there is no phase control. 

8. Can the ideal 12-inch subwoofers get more power handling?

The perfect 12-inch subwoofers get a leading power handling capacity. The ideal vehicle stereo systems get a sealed or ported enclosure. The 10-inch sub brings less power output than the 12-inch one but generates loud bass rather than its dimension. The dual voice coil subs are great since they generate better sound, and deal with a lot of power. If you need strong bass, and quality sound output you want the 12-inch sub for leading quality sound; and bass response. When it comes to huge bass you want a strong subwoofer that is even long-lasting. 

9. What do you know about the sound pressure degree?

The sound pressure degree is a solution to measure the acoustic sound’s loudness, or in that circumstance the bass sound. You might take it to compare various subs based on their power output. The bass head might enjoy the subwoofer with a leading SPL (Sound pressure level) 

10. Is the JL audio subwoofer worth purchasing?

JL audio comes with leading quality and structure so that their versions outperform in terms of power handling and sound output. You might often be certain that they are built for lasting many years. The ported subs get a lot of power output than sealed ones so JL audio subs are a better option for the 12-inch subwoofers. 

11. Will 12 or 10 subwoofers hit stronger?

The 12-inch subs hit stronger because they get a bigger cone zone and the ported enclosure which improves the volume. The 10-inch subwoofers even hit super strongly, but the ideal 12-inch subwoofer might usually be louder and better. 

12. Are 15-inch subwoofers better than 12?

In reality, the 15-inch subwoofers can hit stronger since they get a bigger cone zone and a lot of power. In the other words, you might usually select from ported to sealed enclosures for the ideal 12-inch sub sound. 

13. What is the price of the best 12-inch subwoofer?

You might seek the 12-inch subs below 100 bucks or higher than 1000 dollars based on the attributes you want to search. The 12-inch subwoofers’ price is up to their dimension, power handling, and response. The great principle of thumb is to take approximately 200 dollars so as to take a leading sound and long-lasting term. 

14. Could I use the powered subwoofer for a home cinema system?

An excellent powered subwoofer might be utilized for a home cinema installation. If you do not need to take a lot of bucks, then that might be a perfect way. Consequently, you might use the subwoofers around your lovely house even if they are wireless subwoofers. In other circumstances, the single subwoofer might do a great job if it brings a subsonic filter, whereas various subs-sealed subwoofers can grapple a lot. Ensure that the dust cap is on those audio versions, and use the correct amp to seem great at an affordable cost. 

15. How great are Rockford Fosgate and JL audio?

The fact is that Rockford Fosgate and JL audio get the better quality sub. While the bass output is the same as the sealed box. To obtain the highest performance you might want the amp’s hell. Rockford Fosgate is considered for creating a great quality subwoofer and combining it with the appropriate amp during conveying a lot of power is wanted you might get decreased distortion with more volumes. Thanks to JL Audio, you are taking various voice coils choices and insane bass output. This sub displays ultimate cooling design, tiny trunk space needed, and fast enhancement which is great and excellent at dissipating heat from the speakers. If you need the ideal value; then Rockford Fosgate is your good deal. 

16. Where could I seek the mounting depth for those subwoofers?

No subwoofers get the mounting depth. As usual, the sealed enclosure kinds might not get the mounting depth. To obtain the perfect bass, you might want a lot more than sufficient air space. So, air space is the most necessary element for a great bass. When you need the leading subwoofer to generate volume you want to measure how much space is in the vehicle’s interior. The more air space, the more bass might be generated. The excellent subwoofer is made out of strong materials which could deal with the highest amount of high power performance. This proves that it brings minimum dual voice coils and a strong basket. It is our private hobby. All those specifications might offer that power for your sound device with similar material.     

Wrapping It Up

Our key suggestion is that, do not select carelessly, or chase up a fad when determining which best 12-inch subwoofer best suits your demands. Doing so might make it likely that you can not obtain the ideal value for the bucks which you have wasted. 

For individuals who need a lot of complicated devices to lift up their hearing experience, the investment of the SVS subwoofer can be a great option. Whatever version you select to move with, keep in mind that it is considered to support your speakers to show their great performance and not be a substitution.