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Hope you all enjoy this song "Apples", it's from my recent album called "Love and Sticky Tape". Love and Light to All out there in VoiceBo Land!

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syzygy 23 Feb 13

@VoiceBo that would be wonderful if you could! Best of luck to Rebecca on her tour!


VoiceBo 21 Feb 13

Hi James @syzygy We believe Rebecca has just headed off on tour, but we think we know how to contact her via someone on here ;-)


syzygy 19 Feb 13

Wow! I absolutely love this.. would it be possible for me to play this as the closer of my radio show next week? It's perfect..!


Brett 18 Feb 13

I always know when I like a song or a performance because at some point it sends a tingle throug my head and neck... A warm fuzzy feeling. Lovely as always Rebecca ;-)

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