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Audio quality test...

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Black73Cat 9 Mar 15

hey @Brett ... Thanks for listening. I've just uploaded another test, this time sending the MP3 via the website. Certainly a huge improvement.


125f8 9 Mar 15

As an afterthought and something that could be really cool is the ability to import audio on mobile device.


125f8 9 Mar 15

I'm on iOS 813. And a 5s, I'm also windows 7 with a usb mic, currently building a kit up to use with iRig pro.


Brett 9 Mar 15

It's certainly audible, but not as clear and loud as a VoiceBo I would create on my iPhone or Mac. Though I notice my mic input levels change sometime on the mac and need re-adjusting. Perhaps when I use Skype or something like that and then adjust levels, it affects my VB app on Mac desktop. You may have mentioned this previously Graeme, but what phone and system are you using specifically? @125f8 & @daylightgambler too.


Black73Cat 6 Mar 15

Also, they sound fine if I play back before I upload... There seems to be some sort of heavy compression occurring by the time it lands on the server.?


Black73Cat 6 Mar 15

My phone settings should be fine @125f8 I use the same recording method for all my MP3 files. Sharing to WhatsApp and others is fine.


125f8 6 Mar 15

evening gents. I'm not completely sure on this but wasn't there a setting in the mic natively within the phone and then it may record better.


sm2n 6 Mar 15

I can still understand everything you're saying.


Black73Cat 6 Mar 15

Possibly but desktop is hassle that I don't need. There's a big difference between iOS and Android.


daylightgambler 6 Mar 15

Was just thinking that @slandi 's post was really clear, but this one is more like a telephone. Difference between desktop and app?

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