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Content Ideas for Your Podcast

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StephCalahan 1 Oct 12

Hi @ValOliver - Thanks for dropping by and sharing your comments. Very cool use of audio. I have found that VoiceBo is a great step up from Cinch. Hope you find the same.


ValOliver 1 Oct 12

Enjoyed this Bo! I'm new here having to find a new resource after Cinch.fm folded. I've used short podcasts to announce posts of my blog and talk radio show; to conduct on-the-spot interviews (like with the Neville Brothers at the New Orleans Jazz Festival); to reply to emails; as audio Tweets on Follow Friday to say more about new followers; pitches to agents and other professionals in film, literary, music & TV. and, and, and!


StephCalahan 22 Sep 12

JamesMacArthur That is the idea! Thanks for listening.


JamesMacArthur 22 Sep 12

Excellent ideas. With what you mentioned, its nearly impossible not to find SOMETHING to talk about.


Maximus 21 Sep 12

Thanks again, I love hearing your VoiceBo's.. Always positive and productive!


Brett 21 Sep 12

Great information Steph... Well done

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