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Not Built for Marriage - Nate Bargatze (as seen on the Conan O'Brian Show) discusses how children's toys prepare you (or DON'T prepare you) for adult life and marriage.

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cpr77 31 Mar 13

You got a good point with The Barbie and Ken. LOL.


AussiePubPete 31 Mar 13

Very, very funny stuff Nate and I love your cool, unassuming style... Nice one!


ElPadrino 30 Mar 13

I saw you do this skit on Conen O'Brien.. Funny stuff..


Brett 30 Mar 13

Very very funny Nate and great that Amy got you on to VoiceBo. She's a great Gal. And I am going to mention a few people here who may like to check out this VoiceBo of yours at voicebo.com/tpGNpn and follow you here on VoiceBo. @PhillipVasyli @Aleksandar @aronvasyli @vladimir @AmyMartinson @BrianEbersole @RebeccaIreland @Aleksandar @Black73Cat @RArblaster @pichlala @frankshamrock @SassyCat @AussiePubPete @leash @MissKatie @katie @PilgrimChris @ArmorRadio @tpamotormouth @DarienHill @Gennia @dawn @DrWeil @syzygy @BenzRadio @socialhiking @kristie @kukigrewal and that ought to do it for now ;-)

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