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gmail, outlook and exchange. Feedback please.

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ianpearsonphoto 15 Apr 13

Thank you @msdjhoodie . I had been thinking about this again over tha past few days. Still with exchange for now.


MsDjHoodie 15 Apr 13

Many people (as well as myself) use Gmail for business inquiries; only because Google is a main platform for syncing up to your cellphone; using apps, purchases, ect. Outlook I think is very stable and more private; only because, unlike Google (Gmail), if your cellphone gets lost or stolen, any person can get a hold of 'everything' under Google. Outlook is very clean, simple and manageable. You can learn everything very quickly. Gmail/Google got way too much going on. You got to have a lot of time on your hands to sit and discover a lot of things on; not just Google, but Gmail itself. Just my opinion, and I hope it helps.

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