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Is Your Space to Blame for Your Lack of Focus?

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StephCalahan 9 Sep 12

MsDJHoodie - love to hear when my tips can inspire! Multiple locations & businesses can be a real challenge. I'd suggest you start by identifying what info/tools you really NEED at each location. Simplifying has really helped my private clients in your type of situation. Stay in touch & share questions/struggles - I'll share short thoughts in various Bos.


MsDjHoodie 9 Sep 12

This is such a good blog. I own 4 successful businesses; and so, my work is everywhere and I cannot focus on one thing when needed. I do get the jobs done but I do notice my work is everywhere (at home AND at my business location). Your blog has motivated me to get things in order. Thanks! :)


nicholasjancev1 27 Aug 12

Like the last sentence-understanding what is right for you! Sometimes it's a challenge to do just that . When our focus has been diverted . Discipline and values are the keys to clear focus!


StephCalahan 27 Aug 12

@nicholasjancev1 - I have found that one's organization style does not change much. Similar to communication style or learning style. The secret is to be aware & structure your space to accommodate your reality. There isn't a right or wrong. Just understanding what is right for you.


nicholasjancev1 27 Aug 12

Everyone's mental filing system is different. Short term or long term memory. Maybe clutter and space may make a difference and then I may become an Innie?


nicholasjancev1 25 Aug 12

Thanks Stephanie, am I an innie or outie, more on the outie need exposure


Brett 25 Aug 12

I think I am an innie LOL. Nice VoiceBo Steph ;-)

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