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How do you interact with people using different audio platforms? @omaniblog @slandi @ernmander @morning_song @mcfontaine @Tachiada @BigManOut @FiremanRich @macolgan

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PilgrimChris 9 Oct

Thanks Rich :) I'll be using VoiceBo as my 'voice' app as I like it's simplicity. I find the current flavour of the moment app - anchor - a little too convoluted for my needs.


FiremanRich 9 Oct

VoiceBo still a good audio platform where you have a link to audio to be able to post on Twitter. When doing so your not prompt to d/l an app to listen to audio like another lamo audio app. Great hearing you on the audio from your audio link on the Twitter Pilgram. The best to the Family & you to Sir! : )

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