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An audio app that does it all?

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winterrehab 8 Dec 17

It is a great app! I love it. The one thing I really wish that VoiceBo would add though is the ability for us to be able to record voice comments as replies to people's voice blogs on here.


mzrq 18 May 16

How could I get this to play using voiceover on iOS? VO is software that reads the screen to a blind person VO comes on all apple devices and in iOS, can be found in settings, general, Accessability and voice over. Slide the switch on. Alternatively: for a faster way, tell Siri. "Turn voice over on." I do not have a Mack and don't use a PC or droid device. But android has a screen reader called talk back that is accessed in settings under accessibility.


VoiceBo 23 Dec 12

Thanks also for your comments @Black73Cat @BrianEbersole and @seans . This review did make us blush and whilst we always expect to have the odd glitch, we shall always strive to improve :-)


Black73Cat 2 Nov 12

Totally agree Chris and thanks for the mention.


PilgrimChris 2 Nov 12

Thanks for listening Sean and Brian! VoiceBo certainly seems to be on the right track when it comes to making audio social and easy to use.


BrianEbersole 2 Nov 12

Well, looks like i can stick with VoiceBo, the most functional if its kind!!


seans 1 Nov 12

Great to hear such a nice review from someone who's familiar with this technology and competing platforms. Congratulations VoiceBo

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