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Bucket list : Win some , Lose some

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AlabamieMamie 10 Dec 17

Poor thing knew his time was short here on earth. He talked about it on several blogs here on voicebo. RIP Dave


winterrehab 9 Dec 17

Hoping you were rewarded in your after life and seen many beautiful and amazing things. Sorry I wasn't around for you in your last days. I did not know you were so sick. I was foolish to put you off the way I did and I will always regret that now old friend. I really miss your laughter and sense of humor. Hope to meet you one day when things are put back to normal in this crazy/cruel world.


VioletPixie 22 May 14

✨Hello so sorry I really wanted to visit Japan✨


hippywoman 30 Apr 14

I wanted to go to Japan, but similar to you I don't think I could physically handle the plane ride

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