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Frank James MacArthur - Surrenders To Balitimore Police After Live Broadcasting Standoff !

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Brett 2 Jan 13

Most appreciated Benz


BenzRadio 2 Jan 13

@Brett ... Wishing the very best in 2013 - Happy New Year !


BenzRadio 6 Dec 12

By Benz, BenzRadioNetwork 3:58 PM December 5, 2012 Frank James MacArthur - Baltimore Spectator - Denied Bail !


BenzRadio 5 Dec 12

By Benz, BenzRadioNetwork 8:23 p.m. EST, December 4, 2012 BREAKING NEWS Baltimore Police and the District Attorney's Office, have filed new gun charges against Frank James MacArthur, 47. MacArthur has been charged with "illegal possession of a firearm and with having an uregistered shotgun." MacArthur turned himself over to police outside his home on Saturday night December 1, 2012 in Waverly. MacArthur is still in custody as of late Tuesday, according to Court Records !

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