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Trouble Focusing & Getting Things Done? Try This Simple Shift.

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StephCalahan 21 Sep 12

Hi Nicholas - That is great. Hope you got lots done.


nicholasjancev1 21 Sep 12

Great timing , that's what I am doing now ;-) thank you for this post!


StephCalahan 20 Sep 12

Hi Brett - Walking is another one of my great idea generizers too. Danny (my dog) and I go walking almost every morning. Sometimes stepping away from your regular space is the best thing you can do to get the juices flowing again.


Brett 20 Sep 12

So right Steph, I get most of my best ideas and plans in place when I am walking, or having a coffee.. Sometimes when you read that newspaper over a coffee, something you read just gets that brain ticking over again. Great advice Steph!

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