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Your Breathing Patterns May Be Hurting Your Business

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StephCalahan 29 Sep 12

Hi AlabamieMamie Thanks! Hope you are having a great weekend.


StephCalahan 29 Sep 12

Hi Benz. Thank you. Glad that you like what I share. Feel free to click those tweet and Facebook buttons and spread far and wide! :-) In response to your question, with meditative breathing, many say in through the nose and out through the mouth. However, any conscious breathing where you are feeding your brain oxygen is good. First step is to be aware if your breathing is shallow or if you are holding your breath. Just being aware helps a lot! Back in my corporate days I had an alarm set at 1 pm every day that said "breath". That simple step helped in many ways.


BenzRadio 29 Sep 12

Good Day: Steph, ... First let me let you know that I have the highest respect for what you do. Your advise is always helpful and very informative, plus is "FREE". LOL ... But I have a question does it make a difference if one practices this while breathing through the nose or mouth? ... Thank You and Enjoy Your Saturday !


StephCalahan 28 Sep 12

Sometimes it is the simple things that we miss.

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