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Catching the Flu right after getting a Flu Shot (Vaccine) ...?

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gwennpeery 30 May 17

Hope you are much better now. :-)


gwennpeery 5 Nov 16

That's a bummer getting ill after a shot. That is why I don't take the shot.


ValOliver 14 Dec 15

Hey Brett! It's been a while. Sorry to hear that you got the flu. A friend of mine got the flu after getting the flu shot as well. I've posted some new Bo's. Would appreciate if you can add me as a Feature User to share with more people. Stay well! Val


jn2n 18 May 15

That happened to me once. I mentioned it to my doctor who said I probably already had the virus in my system and therefore the vaccination made me ill. I still never had another flu jab! :)


sm2n 30 Apr 15

Yeah I've heard that that happens.

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