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gwennpeery 1 Oct 13

I am good. Ministry life is keeping me very busy.


Brett 26 May 13

Welcome Gwen ;-)


VoiceBo 26 May 13

Welcome to VoiceBo! To get the most out of using VoiceBo, please see our "How To?" section at VoiceBo.com/how-to where you will find some very helpful videos etc; and if you haven't seen the VoiceBo video intro yet, you can do so at VoiceBo.com/video and last but not least, if you can "LIKE" our Facebook page at Facebook.com/VoiceBo then you can keep up to date with a lot of information from VoiceBo and others there too ;-)


justinrayharvey 25 May 13

Sounds good for your first blog it's been forever since I have spoken with you how are you?

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