Why add a description, an image and tags to your VoiceBo's

Why add a description, an image and tags to your VoiceBo's

Why and how you might add a description, image and even tags to your VoiceBo's. It can certainly help in many ways.

After you have recorded a VoiceBo within your VoiceBo App, your VoiceBo was of course published very quickly; however, in the interest of making the most of VoiceBo, you may also choose to add some optional extras if you like.

Of course you need not add any extras. You can just share your Voicebo via the numerous options available within the Share Button, or use the Copy Button to copy and then paste your VoiceBo anywhere. Or just hit the Finished Button and get on with your next VoiceBo.

But adding some optional extras can make a big difference to the attractiveness of your VoiceBo and it's functionality. Here are a few tips below:

Adding a short description about your VoiceBo

Adding a short description to your VoiceBo's will allow others to see what your VoiceBo is about at a glance. This can make a world of difference when it comes to publishing direct and public VoiceBo's as others will have some sort of idea as to what they are about to see and hear. It also encourages click throughs too of course.

These short descriptions shall also transpose themselves into VoiceBo titles/subjects when they are shared on Facebook or by Email etc. Short descriptions will also help other VoiceBo users find your public VoiceBo's by search terms etc. 

And even when you are just using VoiceBo for direct communications and private brainstorming etc, a description can help you find what you are looking for down the track. 

Adding an image or photo to your VoiceBo's

After you have recorded a VoiceBo, you can also add an image or a photo to your VoiceBo publication. This can either be an existing photo or image that you have on your device, or in the case of smart-phones, you can take a photo and include it in your VoiceBo.

For many people, taking a photo is what they do first, you can even use Instagram if you wish; and with VoiceBo you can now add your voice to such images.

When you have added a photo or image to a VoiceBo, it's available for those you share your VoiceBo's with to see. And when you share a VoiceBo on Facebook etc, others will see the image or photo you included, as a preview to your VoiceBo.

For many, the ability to add an image to what they are talking about, or the ability to talk about an image or photograph they have taken, can be invaluable in business, marketing and even socially on a personal level.

Adding a Location (Map) to your VoiceBo

Firstly, adding a location is merely an option, but it can be a useful one. Especially if you are travelling or you at an interesting location. And don't worry, the map that is provided as an image in your VoiceBo's, is a very general map. But if you are at all worried about your privacy, then just leave the "Add Location" option out of your VoiceBo publications.

Many use the  "Add Location" to add another element to their voice/audio recording and any associated images. It can really make a VoiceBo interesting to your friends and followers on VoiceBo and anywhere else, to see locationa based information in your VoiceBo publications.

When you or someone else adds a location to a VoiceBo, then you and others can also click on a button within an individual VoiceBo "Find More VoiceBo's Nearby". This is a fantastic way to find and listen to VoiceBo's published around the same geo-location. So if for example, you are in Phuket (Thailand) or San Francisco (USA) or anywhere in the world for that matter, you will be able to share your VoiceBo's with others, as well as being able to see and hear VoiceBo's close to where you are. Tips on places to visit, things to see and do, what to avoid, tips and tricks, historical information, funny stories and much more.

Adding Tags to your VoiceBo

Adding Tag words to your VoiceBo has many uses, but primarily, it will help you label your VoiceBo's better and allowing you and others to more readily find VoiceBo's based on particular Tag words.

We also have a section on the right side of our desktop based website that will display Trending topics based on Tag words.


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