How to best use the privacy settings when you publish a VoiceBo

How to best use the privacy settings when you publish a VoiceBo

When you create a VoiceBo on your smart-phone or computer via the VoiceBo App, you will see that you have 3 options of privacy levels. Private - Direct - Public. And below are some brief explanations on these settings. We've also answered a few questions further down that might also be helpful.

Private VoiceBo's - If you select Private, then only you will be able to see and hear these VoiceBo's. You can not share Private VoiceBo's with anyone else. Only you as the account owner shall have access to them.

Private VoiceBo's might be created for many reasons... You might be brain-storming ideas, taking personal voice memo's, testing out some lyrics for a new song, or even taking audio notes about ideas for a book or article you are working on.

Some people may even create private VoiceBo's and later change the privacy setting for a VoiceBo from Private, to Direct, or even Public.

Direct VoiceBo's - When you select Direct, then anyone you share your VoiceBo with, whether it be on Facebook, Twitter, Email, SMS etc, etc. Then anyone who has access to link to the Direct VoiceBo, can see and hear a Direct VoiceBo.

So if you create a VoiceBo and you choose the Direct setting, if you emailed the VoiceBo to someone, then it will be as secure as just about any email. Only the recipient and you will know about the availability of the VoiceBo.

So Direct VoiceBo's are ideal for direct communication with other individuals or within specified groups. However, if you share a Direct VoiceBo on Facebook, then of course, all your friends can see and hear that VoiceBo. Direct VoiceBo's will not appear anywhere in any VoiceBo feeds to anyone but yourself, unless shared directly with others.

Public VoiceBo's - When you select Public, then you can not only share a Public VoiceBo anywhere, and by any means; it will also be available in your VoiceBo Public Feed.

Q: What happens if you accidentally published a VoiceBo with the incorrect privacy option?

A: Easy, just open the individual VoiceBo and you'll see a button named "Edit VoiceBo" Just click on that button and from within that screen you will be able to do many things, from changing the description of your VoiceBo, through to changing privacy settings, turning commenting off, making existing comments Read Only; or you can even Delete a VoiceBo.

Q. What if I chose Public as a publishing option on the Recording Screen and I hit the "Click to Save" button; when I meant to choose Direct?

A. After you hit the "Click to Save" button on the recording screen, and you are then taken to the optional Publishing Options Screen. As well as being able to add a description, an image, a location, tag words etc to your VoiceBo (all optional of course); you will note that the privacy shield is there to remind you of your selection on the first screen. Just click on that shield and you can toggle/change your privacy settings. All changes occur live and on the fly :-)


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