How to Use @ Mentions in VoiceBo Comments and VoiceBo Subjects

How to Use @ Mentions in VoiceBo Comments and VoiceBo Subjects


This is certainly a handy tool, and as a social network, VoiceBo now allows you to Mention other VoiceBo users! 

As VoiceBo is also a social network, we figured we would up the anti on some of our social network features. VoiceBo now allows you to Mention other VoiceBo users (e.g @VoiceBo as the username in this example, but that could be @Maximus etc.) The user mentioned in the subject/description of a VoiceBo will then be notified that a VoiceBo was marked to their attention.

The same applies if you mention someone in a comment by @username ; they will be notified of the mention and they can view such mentions. 

Like all notifications in the VoiceBo system (from email, push and badge notifications) you can of course turn these on and off at will for the most part.

If you make a VoiceBo as a DIRECT VoiceBo and include another VoiceBo member in the subject of your VoiceBo e.g @username thenn this turns VoiceBo into a neat little direct messaging system too!

N.B: As of the date of this article (December 5th, 2012) Mentions are now working in comments, though adding them to a subject/description of a VoiceBo via Your VoiceBo apps, requires that we update the App Store and Google Play Store with updated versions of the VoiceBo app. You should notice the availability of and updated version of the VoiceBo App in the coming week.



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