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PhillipVasyli 1 Sep 12

Thanks for rockin the VAS & good luck tonight my friend. Update us when you win!


Brett 1 Sep 12

Let us know via VoiceBo about the fight tonight too Nathan. Wishing you all the best there!


BrianEbersole 29 Aug 12

Ringside seats, and the pleasure of writing an article for International Kickboxer. I know I'll have the chance to use a heap of adjectives and exclamation marks, in describing the action from this main event. Best wishes, Nathan.


Maximus 29 Aug 12

All the best "Carnage"


aronvasyli 29 Aug 12

Bring on the Carnage!!!! All the best brotha and get then golden elbows out... much love


Brett 29 Aug 12

All the best with the fight Nathan and we'll be cheering you on from far and wide!

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