How to get more exposure for your public VoiceBo's


Created on 11/13/2012 12:52

How to get more exposure for your public VoiceBo's and a bigger following virally!

Follow as many VoiceBo users as you can get the chance to follow.. As they will most likely follow you back and they may also possibly share your public VoiceBo's on their Facebook and Twitter accounts etc.

And when your followers like any of your VoiceBo's, then your VoiceBo's end up in their feeds (as liked by them) which means that all people that are following your followers, shall also get the opportunity to see and hear your VoiceBo's and then perhaps to also follow you and so it goes.. Quite viral in deed.

Whilst you may not really want to listen to everyone you follow all the time, the ones that you really want to keep track of can be added as a "Favorite" after you "Follow" them; and you can then view your Favorite User's VoiceBo's directly under the "Favorites" tab in "Network" or "My Network".

And the more plays, likes and comments your VoiceBo's attract, the more chance they end up in the "Popular" feed and  even the "Featured" feed on VoiceBo. Which again means more exposure, more followers, more likes, and more shares on external networks.

And don't forget to share your public VoiceBo's via the SHARE button in the app on Facebook and Twitter etc ;-)

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