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You can now play VoiceBo's LIVE in Facebook feeds on any Flash enabled device ;-)

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ValOliver 9 Oct 12

Thanks 4 the follow! Enjoying the service. ~Val


JamesMacArthur 7 Oct 12

This is a great enhancement! Really enjoying this app.


FiremanRich 3 Oct 12

I don't use Facebook all that much except for family but I have to say nice addition. I did my first VoiceBo to try out the app and the audio post very nicely in the Facebook timeline from my deck pc by copy&past my VB link. Didn't see it at first but I do now the Twitter button to directly post to my Twitter feed. I did the copy&past of my VB link to my G+ page.


VoiceBo 3 Oct 12

Thanks Benz, more to come. We will keep working on improvements ;-)


BenzRadio 3 Oct 12

Excellent, you guys are rocking ... keep up the good work VoiceBo !

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