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A third test of audio quality on VoiceBo. Recorded in the same way as my other upoads using my Sony Xperia Z3 and the standard headset mic. Recorded using the Sony voice recorder.
Uploaded to One Drive and sounding fine when retrieved onto my Laptop.

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Rodge 9 Mar 15

Video games, video games, video games'... I might give those old bos a listen!


Black73Cat 9 Mar 15

it's certainly not great @omaniblog but much better than recording and sending direct from the app. Really don't want to be having to upload via the website every time though. So guess I'm back to square one.


Black73Cat 9 Mar 15

yeah it's definitely degraded but nowhere near as much as when I use the app.


Brett 9 Mar 15

Sounds pretty good to me... Not perfect, but pretty good.


Black73Cat 9 Mar 15

ok now listening in app...Still far from perfect but a huge improvement over previous posts from the app. surely this means that its not a hardware issue?


Black73Cat 9 Mar 15

Listening after upload on my laptop and there is definitely some loss in quality but doesn't sound as bad as previous recordings...
Need to listen again via the app for a better comparison.

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