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What's your preferred way of procuring an album?

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iomadh 11 Mar 15

I will reply,yes to spotify but in a full voicebo when I have a little more time


daylightgambler 11 Mar 15

Price sounds reasonable to me - have you got a link to your album? I have never bought anything from Bandcamp, but have nothing in principle against it.


artoo 11 Mar 15

£3 for a digital download or £5 for a physical CD sounds like very reasonable pricing to me. I always prefer a digital download if I can get one :)


satsuma 11 Mar 15

I don't mind buying stuff from Bandcamp - have done this with several albums. I'd be happy to pay 2 or 3 quid for something like this.


sm2n 11 Mar 15

So @iomadh are you more of a Spotify user then, or how do you consume music (if at all)?


iomadh 11 Mar 15

I think £3 is more than reasonable to pay for an album I would want to buy. The amount that popped into my head at first was actually £5. That said the days I buy/own albums have gone - I have lots of half formed thoughts about the music "industry" and where it has gone wrong

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