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Art = Everywhere

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ArmorRadio 23 Dec 12

Wow now that is just a wicked design for sure...


riftzone62 22 Dec 12

Looks almost too good to drink, i can see a whole new thread on what we can do with food coming up, the mind boggles !!!


MarkoRussell 21 Dec 12

Thanks for the share! OMG we have a place here in Palm Springs called espresso Cielo . They use the same color mugs and do designs in their drinks like this lol


Brett 21 Dec 12

I'dike to see that @AmyMartinson and Brian, Melbourne is probably one of the best places to experience coffe and art ;-)


AmyMartinson 21 Dec 12

I can make a pretty awesome snowman out of mashed potatoes. #arteverywhere


Maximus 21 Dec 12

Wow, you really get around Brian. And well worth the $5 when they stick a beautiful swan on there. I think @frankshamrock would also appreciate a Guiness with a shamrock impressed on top of the foam during the second pouring process of a pint of Guiness.

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