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New Features on VoiceBo including Offline Recording and New Feeds Structures ;-)

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FiremanRich 4 Jul 14

Sounds GREAT Brett! Will be playing around with that doing my VoiceBos when I'm out & about! Thank you to the VoiceBo Team! : )


ValOliver 25 Apr 14

Just seeing this. These features sure enhance the service for us. Thanks!


justinrayharvey 24 Apr 14

looks like voicebo will have some competition you can now blog up to 10 minutes for free on Audioboo


thephoenix 4 Apr 14

Nice job!! Always good to hear from you.:-)


TellTheWorld 31 Mar 14

Good stuff @Brett This is really good news. Thanks so much for the update.


jeffsblond 6 Mar 14

Thanks for sharing mate good to hear an Aus on here


Brett 2 Mar 14

Hi @pamelabenford nice to see you here. And yes there are numerous ways to add some music as backgrounds to Voice, particularly if using VoiceBo via the full WWW site and uploading audio, but I will ask @MJPodcasts to give you some tips here if he doesn't mind ;-)


pamelabenford 1 Mar 14

Hi Brett, I'm excited to have found VoiceBo. New comer of course with a question. Is there a way that I can record voice and music (background) at same time? Please advise. Thanks again!


justinrayharvey 23 Feb 14

@drjdfagan i have been requesting longer recording time for a very long time we may never see a time increase but you never know


drjdfagan 21 Feb 14

Hey Brett how are ya! well am happy to hear I can now do a voicebo offline :-) just needs a longer time lol (few minutes more pleaseeeeeee lol I love still it anyway.


hippywoman 20 Feb 14

Right on, thanks for the info Brett

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