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Another Android Mobile Test

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Brett 13 Mar 15

I will try another one away from the noisey restaurant I am in as a direct VoiceBo. Going to record now and I will post the link here. voicebo.com/aOxVbX And agin, this is only the second device I have tested.


Black73Cat 13 Mar 15

not brilliant but still better than most of us are getting. i.e. you don't sound like you're inside a gramaphone. Could it be the Android os version? we're all likely to be running 4.3 or higher...


Brett 13 Mar 15

Not as loud as the test on the much older android device published here voicebo.com/Gm9xjy buts still pretty audible. There was a lot more background noise when I recorded this one too, so perhaps noise cancellation may, just may have played a part in this new test VoiceBo being quieter? Looking at the source code, this file again was an MP4 file. @enmander @Black73Cat @daylightgambler @topgold @omaniblog etc.

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